The only simple and affordable, application delivery alternative to Citrix and VMware

Chromotif Nebeula

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The best application virtualization and shared desktop delivery platform

With Nebeula, desktop apps run in the cloud, any cloud. So you can control precisely what and when you want to run, and where. Nebeula is the future of cloud based workspaces.

It is not even necessary to extend your corporate network to the cloud and let Nebeula hosts access your local resources, Nebeula does it seamlessly for you - just add one corporate host to your Nebeula tenant.

Traditional VDI solutions, like Citrix or VMware, are designed for a non-elastic, single-tenant datacenter. Nebeula has completely and radically shifted the end user computing paradigm: in the cloud, new architecture, new devops principles, and nothing to install.

Above all, Nebeula uses an open source protocol backed by Google to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

  • Run any Windows or Linux software in a browser
  • Deliver entire workspaces from the cloud
  • Deploy applications and desktops in under 30 seconds
  • Lowest infrastructure cost. Guaranteed!
  • Extraordinary user experience with Google Chrome Remote Desktop protocol
Go to Cloud first

Cloud first

Fully cloud based architecture. No on-premise access, security or delivery infrastructure required

Go to Lift and shift

Lift and shift

Quickly and seamlessly deliver applications from the cloud or “cloud enable” your existing infrastructure

Go to Multi Cloud

Multi Cloud

Deliver applications and desktops from any of the top three public clouds – Azure, AWS, Google

Go to BYOD simplified

BYOD simplified

Web store downloadable secure browser extension client. No need for any device management

Go to TrueSession


Real “session based” multi-user architecture. No single GUI per VM overhead. No RDP transcoding, or dual hops.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On with Microsoft Active Directory or Google G Suite User Directory

Go to #Drive (SharpDrive)

#Drive (SharpDrive)

Ubiquitous data availability with #Drive. Natively integrate cloud drives with applications and desktops

Go to Chromebooks


Securely built for the Chrome ecosystem, using standards based Google Chromoting protocol

Chromotif Nebeula – comparison with other application delivery platforms

The Chromotif Squad

As application delivery and virtualization developers, we’ve spent our entire professional lives designing and running large-scale application delivery systems and cloud services. With decades of experience, we know the limitations of existing technologies. What we always wanted — but never found — was a cloud based infrastructure deployment and application delivery solution that's immensely scalable, powerful, easy to use, affordable and multi-cloud. We started Chromotif to create that solution.


Lead Business Development
Strategic Alliances for Google Cloud Platform, Chrome Remote Desktop, Chrome/Chromebooks and Android


Lead Engineer
Core Windows and Linux Systems, SaaS Middleware (Team Volansys)


Lead Engineer
Windows Systems and Services, SaaS Middleware, JSON, Remote Procedure Calls, COM (Team Volansys)


Lead Engineer
Client platform, Android, iOS, Firebase, Security, Cloud Platform APIs, SaaS Middleware (Team Volansys)


Lead Engineer
Client platform, WebApps, Angular, Javascript and Node.js (Team Volansys)


Lead Engineer
Client platform, Windows, Javascript, Angular and Node.js (Team Volansys)


Lead Engineer
Client platform, WebApp, Javascript and Node.js (Team Volansys)


Lead Architect
Chrome Remote Desktop, JSON, Angular, Cloud Platforms, Firebase


Founder & CEO
Engineer/tester/debugger, product/marketing/sales dude, customer support team, everything else!

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